Folk Song Sa Ame

Liedtitel Seitenzahl Fremdsprache
Alas, My Love 138 amer
Another Man Done Gone 82 amer
Black Jack Davey 135 amer
Bring Me A Little Water 83 amer
But Black Is The Color 128 amer
Come All Of You Good Workers 96 amer
Come All You Oldtiem Cowboys 91 amer
Come All You Sons Of Freedom 89 amer
Come Along Boys 72 amer
Comrades, Listen To My Story 97 amer
Cryderville Jail 30 amer
Ev'ry Mornin' 93 amer
Frankie And Johnny 122 amer
Go Tell Aunt Rhody 146 amer
Hang Down Your Head, Tom Dooley 113 amer
Hush, Little Baby, Don't Say 153 amer
Hush, Little Baby, Don't You Cry 154 amer
Hushaby, Don't You Cry 156 amer
I'm A Deep Water Sailor 61 amer
I'm A Rambler 33 amer
I'm Going Down The Road 28 amer
I Am Riding On This Train 45 amer
I'm Sad And I'm Lonely 131 amer
I'm Spending My Nights 41 amer
I Look At These Old Letters 142 amer
I Once Loved A Boy 141 amer
I Ride An Old Paint 74 amer
I'll Sing You 78 amer
I'll Tell You The Story 121 amer
I Was Born Long Ago 42 amer
I Went Down 54 amer
If I Had Wings 129 amer
If You All Will Shut 38 amer
If You Want Higher Wages 99 amer
In Eighteen Hundred 56 amer
In The Evening 134 amer
't Is Advertised In Boston 59 amer
Jesse James Was A Lad 111 amer
John Brown's Body 119 amer
John Hardy Was A Derperate Little 115 amer
Let Everyone Clap Hands 145 amer
Longhaired Preachers 36 amer
Lost My Partner 150 amer
Love, Oh Love 133 amer
Mama Sent Me To The Spring 151 amer
Now It's Pay Day 105 amer
Oh, Bury My Not 75 amer
Oh, Fare Thee Well 137 amer
Oh, Shenandoah 64 amer
Oh, Slow Up, Dogies 70 amer
Oh, The Water Is Wide 140 amer
Old Man Sargent 108 amer
Once I Had A Sweethart 132 amer
Railroad Bill 49 amer
Solidarity Forever 102 amer
Some Folks Say Casey Jones 52 amer
Stagolee Was A Bad Man 125 amer
Take This Hammer 81 amer
The Fox Went Out 147 amer
There Was A Lofty Ship 67 amer
There Was A Man 149 amer
This Nine Pound Hammer 88 amer
Way Back Yonder 106 amer
We're Sailing 62 amer
We Come On The Sloop 66 amer
We Shall Not Be Moved 103 amer
Well, I'm A Rich 34 amer
When John Henry 117 amer
When Springtime Does Come 31 amer
Won't You Go Down 86 amer
Yonder Comes Miss Rosie 47 amer
You Got To Jump Down 84 amer