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Where we are…

Our troop spans over whole Munich:

Obermenzing and Trudering.

Thanks to the Stog Family, who sponsor a nice garage, half of our troop calls Obermenzing its home.

Since 1996 our group meets outdoors in the Truderinger woods, following the old principle, “there’s no wrong weather just wrong clothing”.

Our Scouts meet at the leaders homes or in private hobby-rooms, while we are still looking for proper Home for our troop.

Our Rovers, even after having moved away from Munich, stay in close contact and still support the troope wherever they can. In a way we expanded our troop to other districts of Munich (Laim), to the outskirts (Freising) and to Berlin and Düsseldorf.

What we do…

Our way of scouting is based on a charter of scouting – rules

I shall be helpful and respectful

I shall respect the other

I shall support the friendship between all scouts

I shall be trustful and outright

I shall be responsible

I shall not evade difficulties

I shall explore nature and help to protect it

I shall be well-tempered

I shall serve peace

I shall be a responsible member of the society I live in

There are no penalties for not following the rule, though it is natural to follow them. They apply to the youngest cup as well as to the oldest rover.

During schooltime our groups meet on a weekly basis for training, singing, playing and other activities.

During the holidays and on most weekends our scout groups go on hikes and camps, everywhere from the outskirts of Munich or Bavaria over the weekends or to extended one to 4 week long hikes usually across Europe. We camp outside in summer and winter and we feel quite accustomed to face the elements.

On our hikes, everybody has to take responsibility, since the groupis totally on its own, having all the freedom and adventure they want. (see the Activities chapter for a rough but lively impression).

Our troop is having quite a history of international partnerships by now and whenever we go abroad we try to find a partner group for common programme in their home country and a revisit of them to Germany.

Following this tradition we had already mutual activites together with scouts from Poland, Belarus, Japan, Portugal, (!!)

Our singing circle is already an establishment and every Scout is welcome to join for a nice traditional scout jam session and a hearty (and often exotic to extreme) dinner, where everybody supports the evening with food and drinks. (see Groups for a contact)


Troop Overview

Cups - Scouts - RR - Singing Circle - Troopleaders

At the Moment our troop consists of about 90 members in 3 cup groups, 3 scout groups and rover groups, as well a rover singing group.
International guests as ell anybody who would be interested in joining a group, just call or mail (+49 - 89 - 45 45 85 84).
Our group leaders (with times):









Singing Group










Construction Trailer







Troop Leader











Our scouting activities

The highlights over the last years, grouped by camps and hikes.